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Patient and Community Voices in Health Professional Education is a collaborative initiative between the University of British Columbia (UBC), Patient & Community Partnership for Education (PCPE), and the community.

We believe it is important for people with chronic health concerns and other “expert patients” to be engaged in the education of health professional students. Click here for a list of our current partners.

Coordination Team

Ongoing project coordination is provided by the Patient & Community Partnership for Education (PCPE) in the Office of the Vice-Provost Health.

Bill Godolphin, Co-Director Angela Towle, Co-Director
Cathy Kline, Research Coordinator Jen Macdonald, Assistant Coordinator

Former Project Coordinators and Assistants: Cameron Rogers (Assistant Coordinator, 2015-2016); Manjeet Birk, (Work Study Student 2011-2012); Julie Berthin (Assistant Coordinator, 2011-2012); Ann Danilevich (Project Coordinator, 2010-2011); Ellison Richmond (Work Study Student, 2010-2011);Sarah Sparks (Project Coordinator, 2009-2010);Mallory Quinn (Work Study Student, 2009-2010);Stacey Creak (Research Assistant, 2008-2009)

A partnership between the Patient & Community Partnership for Education in the Office of the Vice-Provost Health
at the University of British Columbia and the community.

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